Nordic simplicity jewelry storage box fornasetti Hepburn earrings pendant necklace collective Supplies craft high end ceramic

Nordic simplicity jewelry storage box fornasetti Hepburn earrings pendant necklace collective Supplies craft high end ceramic
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Chicken wing wood: distributed in the subtropical regions of the world, main producing area in Southeast Asia and South America, because of the texture similar to the "wings" named. Texture staggered, clear, color towering, belongs to the wood more beautiful in the redwood, micro aroma, growth ring is not obvious. Chicken wing wood is wood heartwood string section on the wings ("V") pattern of a mahogany. For wings of wood to significantly, unique texture, has enjoyed the literati and the vast number of consumers. Chicken wing wood is very easy to distinguish with other types of mahogany.The tea box is one of China\'s four Damingmu, chicken wing wood processed refined, which can put tea, tea sets, a good horse with a good saddle, good tea with a high-grade packaging, the icing on the cake, is of great unit gifts and gifts for friends and family gifts!

Teach you to identify new wings of wood here:

The new wings wood. Here said the new wings wood products is still in the Qing dynasty. The middle of Qing Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, the old wooden wings running out of the new wings wood debut. The new wings wood color slightly heavier, brown, texture color slightly yellow, heavier, and the old chicken wing wood from the weight can distinguish, texture clear, the new wings wood in the eyes of ordinary people than the old chicken wing wood beautiful. The new wings wood fibre, good toughness, not easy to carve, where new wings of wood carving are rougher. The new wings wood source complex, more varieties, good and bad, origin should be more than one or two, from the perspective of furniture, knew it was gonna be, do not have to get to the bottom, to drill the ox horn, otherwise it will go astray.




Company introduction




[wood carving crafts maintenance]


For the collection of Arts and crafts people, the collection of their favorite arts and crafts, can cultivate sentiment, can give their busy space into infinite vitality,At the same time to create their own rich imagination. How to let oneself love things to eternal youth, always exudes the vitality of life, and how it isEffective collection and maintenance of handicrafts have a great relationship.

[one]Wood carving crafts should not be placed under the sun for a long time exposure and cracking, so when placed, it should be aware of the attention, in particularDon\'t put them in the window.

[two]Wood carving arts and crafts should not be placed in a very wet or very dry interior. In a very humid environment, some wood carving crafts on the chairman mao".For example, green crafts will spit white silk. The environment is too dry, wood crafts, some may be part of cracking phenomenon. Therefore it is necessary toNote that the woodcarving handicraft not to air conditioning air blowing straight. Don\'t put him in the vicinity of the heating pipes.

[three]Near the wood carving crafts should not be placed in the fire, fire, fire.

[four]Water should not be used towel, appropriate uses waxy or oily cotton towel. Can also be used with a cotton towel dipped in some walnutOil gently rub on the surface of the wood carving handicraft can also achieve the desired results. But avoid is, don\'t use the towel with water, this will make woodCrafts is too wet, but not reach the expected effect, but also hurt them.


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