MEIJUN 26'' Inch 32 Holes MTB Mountain Bikes Road Bicycles Disc Brake Wheel Hubs Rim Knife Circle Wheelset Parts

MEIJUN 26'' Inch 32 Holes MTB Mountain Bikes Road Bicycles Disc Brake Wheel Hubs Rim Knife Circle Wheelset Parts
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8 9 10 11-speed mountain bike   wheels
Hello! We are proud to serve you!
Bike-loving friends! You have to bring your own mountain bike dull personalized change! Let your mountain bike and the public is not it? Now you have the chance to change!
We introduce is a unique product mountain bike wheel, it is the whole, no wires, no distortion! Inertia is great, you do not repair, no malfunction! Easy to clean, the most important thing is installed on your mountain bike is so cool, full of personality.
You might ask, such a good wheels, I do not know my bike can be installed! Yes it is! You can install this all mountain bike wheel mountain bikes! It is divided into two sizes, 26 inches and 27.5 inches, mountain biking or 27.5 inches to 26 inches of it? The most important is that the two dimensions of the same price!
Now I describe the technical data of the motorcycle! It uses a high-pressure die cast magnesium alloy, the product structure solid (than light aluminum-magnesium alloy), can withstand high impact without distortion, you can also install a vacuum tires, bicycle product inspection and approval by the National Testing Center. Wheels are very light magnesium alloy wheels, front 1.25KG, rear 1.36kg, the same weight common wire wheels, but it is very little resistance, the drag coefficient is less than 0.6,
It is suitable for tire size: 26 "* 1.75-2.125 / 27.5 \'\' * 1.75-2.125, Material: magnesium alloy, Brakes: disc brakes, rear tower 8/9/10 rate it, the body front and compatible NBK the use of the rear axle bearing unit, which is very durable and smooth, a few years there is no fault! on the front and the front damper mounting 100MM width, QR front wheels size is 115MM, the width and mounted on the rear quick release The size 135MM 151MM after after frame
After you buy, we give you free shipping 1PC delivery and quick release wheels, you only charge of $ 95.8! You can choose the color and size, mountain biking install this beautiful ornate hub, so that others envy you!
We know that after you buy hope soon receive your wheels, so to receive your order as soon as possible after home purchase, you will receive a wheel mounting remember to share with your friends, there are always questions, please communicate with us, we will solve for you! We give you a five-star credit rating, you can also give us a five star review! I like the long and your friends! If you are a friend to open a bike shop sales! We hope that your long-term cooperation! Together for the mountain bike-loving friends!
Specifications: 26 /27.5 inches
Applicable Tire Size: 26 / 27.5 "* 1.75-2.125
Material: magnesium alloy
Brake: disc brakes
Bearings: Taiwan NBK side cover: red anodized
Axle open file M * L1 L2 * before: M9 * 100 * 108W Material: stainless steel clad molybdenum 40
On the back: M10 * 135 * 145W Material: 40 envelopes molybdenum steel
Structure: cassette, 8/9/10-speed
Wheel weight: about 1.3 kg front, left and right rear wheels 1.5kg, 2.8 kg total
Quick release: Before 115 mm, rear 151 mm


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