9 Mode Strong Booster Car Pedal Accelerator Commander Electronic Throttle Controller auto tune refit Fuel efficient for Ram

9 Mode Strong Booster Car Pedal Accelerator Commander Electronic Throttle Controller auto tune refit Fuel efficient for Ram
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Oписание продукта

Note: Please note your car make and manufacturered year when placing the order! We will sned matching Strong Booster to you!

Considering different countries sometimes have different pedal models, if you can take a

clear car pedal port  photo as below to us to 100% confirm, that will be the best. So that we

can send the right model to match your car. Thanks in advance! 

3 year Warranty Strong Booster Car Electronic Throttle Controller to auto pedal speed increase



Accessories as below:

Electronic throttle controller Host

Accelerator Pedal Cablel  

English manual

Host cable



Part-specific models (There are nearly 200 models dedicated interface)



Note: Please note your car make and manufacturered year when placing the order!

Installation steps:






  Electronic throttle controller


User Manual



Thank you for purchasing our product. In order to make the product performance better, please read the following instruction carefully.






                               Product picture



Part 1:Function And Specification

1.The product can improve the car handling ability by control the sensitivity of car throttle controller switch,and make it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.

2.there are 5 Modes as below:

P1-Comfortable Mode

P2-Sports Mode 

P3-Racing Mode

NOR-Normal Mode

EC-Fuel-efficient Mode


3. There are 9 levels ( 1-9) for the acceleration, the acceleration sense from weak to strong is very obvious, and no effect the throttle control capability.

Please note: The factory default setting mode is P2.6


Part 2:Installation Instruction


                          Installation Diagram 


1.Connect the Throttle Controller with the accelerator Pedal interface

2.Stick the Throttle Controller on central console

3.Connect the plug with the Throttle Controller,bind the wire if necessary.


                                Picture 1


Pull away the interface of the accelerator pedal.Please refer to picture 1




                                                                                        Picture 2


Connect the throttle controller cable plug with accelerator pedal interface .Please refer to picture 2


                            Picture 3



Tear the protection paper on the back of Throttle Controller, and stick it on the central console


Part 3: Safety Cautions

a.Before the installation, user need to check the Electronic Throttle Controller plug and accelerator pedal interface, they should be connect properly.

b.After finish installation, please start engine under the Neutral Gear or P Gear,and check the accelerator pedal is work.

c.If install the wrong direction, it will cause the accelerator pedal invalid and the warning light of engine will be on. If in this situation, please don\'t worry, this products has the internal protection circuit, which will prevent harms to the vehicle parts. Please turn off the engine and disassemble this product.After 2 minutes, install this product in the correct way,then it can work.

Part 4:Operation

a.This product can be operated by the three keys ,from left to right, the buttons are Mode, -, +

b.This product can be adjust with power at any time,but when adjusting the product, please pay attention to safety.

c.Press the mode button, it will show: P1-Comfortable Mode,P2-Sports Mode, 

P3-Racing Mode,NOR-Normal Mode,EC-Fuel-efficient Mode

d.the two button can adjust the level of the mode from weak to strong, there are 9 levels (1-9),Please note: except the Nor-Original Mode,all of above modes have 9 levels adjustment function.


Detail for 5 mode:


                                  Picture 4


PComfortable Mode:

Increase the throttle response speed ,start become fast response and accelerate be smooth,1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,picture 4 (P1.9) refer to comfortable mode and 9 level


                                    Picture 5

P2 Sports Mode:

Improve the instantaneous acceleration and turning abilities, to achieve the best speed rate,1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,picture 5 (P2.9) refer to Sport Mode and 9 level


                                    Picture 6

P3 Racing Mode:

Achieve the Superior acceleration performance and make it feels like in the Racing-Field. 1-9 level to adjust from weak to strong,picture 6 (P3.9) refer to Sport Mode and 9 level



                                   Picture 7

NOR Normal Mode:

Back to the Normal control mode.



                                     Picture 8


EC Fuel-efficient Mode:

Achieve the best Fuel-efficient mode, about 3-8% fuel saving.


                                     Picture 9

Automatic Mode:

Long press"+" for 3 seconds,screen will show AAA,it means enter into automatic mode



                                      Picture 10

Manual Mode:

Long press "for 3 seconds,screen will show SSS,it means enter into manual mode





Main Technical Indicators:

Product size: 50x30x6 mm

Product weight: 10g

Accessories as below:

electronic throttle controllerhost---------------------------------1pc

accelerator pedal cable------------------------------------------1pc

English manual------------------------------------------------1pc

host cable----------------------------------------------------1pc