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Oписание продукта

DIY parts: 
In the form of parts, you need to weld by yourself
finished product:
Welding will be completed before the shipment, you do not need to solder.
MCU + minimum system + temperature and humidity acquisition module + GSM module + LCD1602 liquid crystal display module + buzzer module + LED indicator module + relay drive module + button module + AT24C02 storage module
1. The upper and lower limits of the AT24c02 chip power-down storage setting;
2. Four buttons are set, add, subtract, and determine, and the threshold is adjusted;
3. LCD1602 liquid crystal display, the above line shows the current temperature and humidity, the following line shows the corresponding cold, hot, dry, wet;
4. With all-digital temperature and humidity sensor DHT11, temperature measurement range 0 °C--50 °C, humidity measurement range 20% RH-90% RH, can meet the general needs;
5. When the temperature and humidity exceed the threshold, the buzzer flashes an alarm prompt, and the corresponding led light is illuminated to realize the sound and light alarm. And there is a switch to turn off or turn on the alarm;
6. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the limit, the alarm signal light is on and the corresponding relay is closed. The relay can drive to open or cut off external equipment such as ventilators, dehumidifiers, heaters, refrigerators, humidifiers, alarms, etc.
7. This design only simulates a cooling fan and is controlled by relay;
8. Additional functions: Add GSM module, which can realize remote control. When the temperature and humidity exceed the threshold, send SMS reminder to the mobile phone.